About me


I'm an artist and designer. I want to celebrate doodle love by combining my two passions.. doodles and art!

My Doodles

I didn't have my first dog until I turned 40. She was a sweet Black Labradoodle I named Rumi after the Persian poet. She was my companion through a tough time in life, a magnet for my now husband, and a joy at the beach. 

When Rumi passed I knew I wanted another doodle. This time we opted for a Goldendoodle and we named her Shams. We call her Shammie and she's full of love and energy, even at 4 years old now. I can't wait for you to get to know her!

The Community

I'm starting a Facebook Group to share ALL types of Doodle pics and art. I know there are groups for Labradoodles and GoldenDoodles but sometimes they can be heavy on problems (and even gross pics!). I love having cute pics of Doodles come up in my feed. It always makes me smile!

My Project

I want to draw doodle every day. I need reference photos for inspiration, so I'm asking you doodle Moms and Dads to post your photos!

If I draw your doodle, I'll contact you by Direct Message. You'll get free merchandise of your choice. If you want, I'll feature you and your doodle on the website, Instagram and Facebook.

I want to create a wear and share program so if you post a picture of yourself wearing your merch (with your doodle, of course) on social media you will get a discount off your next order.

Email your photos to me here and join our Facebook group, Doodle-a-Day, to post photos and see the daily doodles. Shammie and I can't wait to meet oodles of doodles!